The Mysterious Minute-Men

One of the items on my todo list for this weekend was to finally finish-up the Minute-Men Year 3 compilation edits. I’m happy to say this is done which leaves me with the Spotlight specials to review. And so, to date, here are the collections and wordcounts:

The Mysterious Minute-Men Year 1: Protectors of Metro City = 20,843 words
The Mysterious Minute-Men Year 2: The Big Fat Thrill = 11,461 words
The Mysterious Minute-Men Year 3: Battle for Metro City = 30,524 words
The Mysterious Minute-Men Year 4: Ready for the Future = 57,914 words

And thus, combined to date, I’m at 120,742 words! Not to bad at all. The Spotlight specials weren’t that numerous thus it shouldn’t raise it by much. It is a little wild to realize I’ve written that much already, even though it has been over a number of years.

It’s no wonder I have some trouble trying to put together a proper script! So much history! 🙂

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