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Jay Willson

Jay Willson

Jay Willson has been a member of COMICOPIA since 2005, and has enjoyed every minute of the experience, developing wonderful friendships with his fellow Copians. Being one of the few non-Canadians in the group, Jay was born in Hagerstown, Maryland, but moved to the desert of Arizona many years ago. After 11 years as an award-winning Art Director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Jay left the advertising field to take on the world of information technology, working with a team to establish one of the first enterprise-wide Geographic Information systems in the country. Today, Jay continues in I.T. as the manager of a group of application support staff for a local government, and as project manager for large-scale application implementations. In the dark hours of the night, Jay still gives into his love of drawing by producing illustrations for Comicopia and other zines. He also edits the Comics section of the website, writes book reviews for various websites and keeps in shape by weight lifting, running a few miles each day at 4am and being a decent guy to his understanding wife and his three kids.

Recent Covers:

  • [#127 Front Cover]: Hellboy by Jay Willson
  • [#124 Back Cover]: Iron Man by Jay Willson
  • [#122 Front Cover]: Captain Marvel vs Dr. Sivana by Jay Willson & Tom Davidson
  • [#122 Back Cover]: Captain Marvel vs Dr. Sivana by Tom Davidson & Jay Willson
  • [#120 Front Cover]: Faces by Jay Willson
  • [#117 Back Cover]: Batman by Jay Willson
  • [#114 Front Cover]: Spawn by Jay Willson

  • Recent Covers:

  • [#110 Back Cover]: Claus by Jay Willson
  • [#107 Front Cover]: Man-Thing, Puck, Omega, Nick Fury, Black Goliath by Jay Willson & Francisco M. Rosa
  • [#103 Back Cover]: Werewolf by Jay Willson
  • [#101 Back Cover]: Batgirl by Jay Willson

  • ComicopianJay Willson
    has been a member since issue xx.

    Older Covers by Jay:

  • [#100 Front Cover]: The Mysterious Minute-Man & Friends by Gabriel Morrissette & Friends
  • [# 99 Front Cover]: Ambush Bug by Jay Willson & Gabriel Morrissette (Backwards Issue)
  • [# 97 Back Cover]: Alien Invader by Jay Willson
  • [# 93 Front Cover]: The Incredible Hulk by Jay Willson
  • [# 90 Front Cover]: Various by Gabriel Morrissette & Friends (15th Anniversary)
  • [# 89 Back Cover]: Green Arrow by Jay Willson