Serving the International APA Scene since 1990

A Bi-Monthly Comics Apa that has been published since September 1990, Comicopia is always on the lookout for people who want to: Showcase their work, Remember the "good old days", Discuss Comics with like-minded adults, or simply just enjoy the industry and the joys of being part of an Apa.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is an APA?

APA stands for Amateur Press Association. It is a fanzine dedicated to a subject, or a group of subjects, with one person acting as a Central Mailer/Distribution Manager (or CM/DM for short).

Basically, every member puts together their own newsletter/fanzine about the subject. This can contain discussions, reviews, editorials, news, and Mailing Comments- discussion about the work of fellow members. Similar to on-line discussions, only with a longer time-lag.

Each member then makes a specific number of copies of their fanzine/newsletter, and submits them to the CM/DM(s). In turn, the compiler will put together equal volumes containing a copy of every 'zine handed in, put on covers, bind/staple them, then send the complete package to the contributors. Non-members can buy copies of the APA as well.

2. What is Comicopia?

As the name suggests, Comicopia is an APA devoted to our favorite subject, comic books. It has been in regular publication for over 18 years now. Between the current members, we produce about 150+ pages of articles, comic strips, and discussion every two months.

3. Is there place for new members?

YES! We are set up for a membership of 20, with room for a Waiting List as well. We now have members throughout Canada, the United Kingdom, and the U.S. Thus, in the grand tradition of comic super-teams, this is a Membership Drive!

4. What does it mean to be a member?

To remain on the Membership list, a Member must produce MinAc (Minimum Activity) of 6 pages of Mailing Comments/ Commentary per 2 consecutive issues. Each cover produced (front or back) counts as 2 pages towards fulfillment of MinAc.

5. Do I need to have aspirations of being a pro to join?

Of course not! All that's required is a desire to share your thoughts and ideas about comics (specific books, or the medium, or the industry) with others!

6. What does it take to become a member?

You need to purchase the current issue ($8.00CAN/US), start an account with us, and have 6 pages of comics discussion/reviews ready to submit for the issue you want to join in!

7. How many copies of my section must I make?

The required number of copies of submitted zines is currently set at 13. Members will be charged the price of photocopying should they fail to provide enough copies with their submissions.

8. How do I get my submissions in to the Central Mailer?

You can either: (A) Make your own copies and mail it in. (B) Mail one copy to the Central Mailer and have him make the appropriate number of copies (as long as you have enough money in your Account). (C) E-Mail a copy of your submission in Word or Adobe PDF format and have the Central Mailer print and make appropriate copies (as long as you have enough money in your Account) Note: When mailing your submissions, simply state on the Customs Form that you are mailing 'Printed Matter' worth $0 otherwise your package may end up being held back at customs!

9. Why do I need an Account with Comicopia?

The costs of putting the Apa together are defrayed among members. Basically, everyone "chips" in to help pay for the Binding and Mailings of each issue. Plus, out of town members must pay for the mailings of their issues.

10. How much do members pay for each issue?

The cost of each issue is determined by the following formula: [(Bindings+Covers+Accrewed Mailing Costs+House Organ Costs)-Back Issue Sales] / Number of members = Issue cost. This amount will be rounded using scientific rounding rules to determine the cost charged to each member's account.

11. How can I get a sample copy of Comicopia?

Free sample issues are available, but please note that these are somewhat old (around 2 to 3 years old). More recent issues can be purchased at $8.00 per issue. Just tell me what you want and email me (comicopia AT savageland DOT com) your address. If you want to purchase an issue, it will be mailed to you as soon as I receive your money.

12. What else should I be aware of?

Comicopia is read by people of all ages and races. We ask all members to be wary of that fact when submitting their material. Also, we do make some copies available to professionals currently working in the industry, so you never know who may be seeing your work.

ComicopianNext Deadline
Deadline for issue 125 is set for Wednesday June 19, 2011. All mail-in submissions *MUST* reach me before that day to be considered for publication. (Members outside Quebec should allow a minimum 2 weeks for their submissions to reach me)