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A Bi-Monthly Comics Apa that has been published since September 1990, Comicopia is always on the lookout for people who want to: Showcase their work, Remember the "good old days", Discuss Comics with like-minded adults, or simply just enjoy the industry and the joys of being part of an Apa.

The Covers

Year 21 PDF Samplers

  • [Issue #127]: October 2011 (6Meg pdf)
  • [Issue #126]: August 2011 (zipped)
  • [Issue #125]: June 2011 (zipped)
  • [Issue #124]: April 2011 (4Meg zipped)
  • [Issue #123]: February 2011 (6Meg zipped)
  • [Issue #122]: December 2010 (5Meg zipped)
  • [Issue #121]: October 2010 (9Meg zipped)

    Year 20 PDF Samplers

  • [Issue #120]: August 2010 (5Meg zipped)

  • HeroeCopia
    Starting with issue 121, Comicopia branched out to include PDF copies of each issue to allow for a faster distribution for folks interested in seeing samples.
    Although members continue to receive printed and bound copies, they also have access to full PDFs.
    These samplers found here are partial issues. Full copies can be made available upon request.