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Comicopia 90 Front Cover

15th Anniversary

For those keeping track, here's the who's-who (starting from the bottom left and moving clockwise. All artwork (c) Gabriel Morrissette except where noted):
Teezan (c) Barry Jack
The Mysterious Minute-Men (Minute-Man, Orion, Bow-Minator) (c) Mike Aragona
Dog Savage (c) Gabriel Morrissette
The Creeper (c) DC Comics
Hagreux (c) Johane Matte (art by Johane Matte)
Background Man (c) Laurent Montpetit
The Stickfigure Corps (c) Jeff Boman
Spider-Man (c) Marvel Comics
Superman (c) DC Comics
Batman (c) DC Comics (art by Jay Willson)
Mr. Ju (c) Mario Carmel
The Fantastic Four (c) Marvel Comics
Stick Demon (c) Johane Matte (art by Johane Matte)
Al Dente (c) Chuck Rhodes (art by Chuck Rhodes)
Captain Incredible (c) Seb Couture
Perfect Man (c) Francisco M. Rosa (art by Francisco M. Rosa)
Ja (c) Johane Matte (art by Johane)
Perry & Floyd (c) Greg Woronchak (art by Greg Woronchak)
Batman (c) DC Comics (art by Alan J. Porter)