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Johane Matte

Johane Matte

Johane is an incredible talent.
A bio is still forthcoming.

Recent Covers:

  • [#100 Front Cover]: The Mysterious Minute-Man & Friends by Gabriel Morrissette & Friends
  • [#100 Back Cover]: Dragon Tale by Johane Matte & Gabriel Morrissette
  • [# 94 Front Cover]: Control Freak & Teen Titans GO! by Johane Matte
  • [# 90 Front Cover]: Various by Gabriel Morrissette & Friends (15th Anniversary)
  • [# 88 Front Cover]: Hikaru No Go by Johane Matte
  • [# 83 Front Cover]: Rat-Man by Johane Matte

  • ComicopianJohane Matte
    was a member between issues xx and xx and is still considered an honorary member.

    Older Covers by Johane:

  • [# 43 Back Cover]: Animal Crackers by Johane Matte
  • [# 34 Back Cover]: Egyptian Life by Johane Matte
  • [# 30 Front Cover]: Sandman Morpheus by Gabriel Morrissette (p) Francisco M. Rosa (i) Johane Matte (colors)
  • [# 21 Back Cover]: Intrusion by Johane Matte
  • [# 17 Front Cover]: Desert Peach by Johane Matte
  • [# 17 Back Cover]: Cerebus, Desert Peach by Johane Matte
  • [# 16 Back Cover]: Aliens by Johane Matte