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Alan J. Porter

Alan J. Porter

Publishing software executive by day - Freelance Writer & Editor by night. He blames it all on Tom Swift, Stanley Kubrick and Adam West. Over the years he's managed to publish a couple of books on The Beatles and Batman plus contribute to others covering topics like James Bond and the works of Terry Pratchett. He's also had magazine articles on comics, music and the movies published in Europe, Australia , Canada and the US . He is currently working the online manga GOD SHOP for Tokyopop and a new book on The Illustrated 007 for Hermes Press, while still pitching the occasional magazine article and comics script on the side. Alan is the current writer of CARS for Boom Studios' Disney/Pixar line.

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  • ComicopianAlan J. Porter
    was a member from issues xx through xx. He is still considered an honorary member.

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  • [# 90 Front Cover]: Various by Gabriel Morrissette & Friends (15th Anniversary)
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