A Question of Choices

I find myself thinking about all the projects I’ve been constantly juggling over the course of many, many years and how much my priorities have changed.

After the zaniness of the ’90s, I made a conscious decision to focus primarily on my family. This meant that outside of some very specific/ big projects, my writing was going to take a backseat.  Obviously I understood what it meant (and what it still means) in terms of everything from building an audience to keeping momentum going.  However, I felt and still feel that it is more important to be there for my wife and kids than anything else. Family is my priority.

What made me realize (today) how different my thinking and priorities are came from the fact that there are a lot of “local” events this weekend that I would love to attend, yet they can’t ever be considered important enough to battle over which one wins.

The Comic creator and fan in me would love to be in Toronto for the Toronto Comic Art Festival. The media fan and writer in me would love to be in Ottawa for the Ottawa ComicCon.  What seems to have been “forgotten” is that Sunday is Mother’s Day!  A day to honor my wife for being an incredible mother to my four children.  A day to remember my own mother for all the things she’s done for me my whole life. Putting all that side-by-side is really a no-contest event.

Of course, if my wife had wanted to go to any of these events, I would gladly have taken her :). The point is the same, though. She takes precedence!



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