Keep on Truckin’

When this year started, I noticed that the drive into work wasn’t as tough or congested as it had been in the previous month.  At first, I thought that perhaps folks were still on vacation but seeing as we’re in the 3rd week of January and everyone is back in school and/ or work, that wasn’t really flying any more.  Heck, at one point I was honestly starting to wonder if there had been a mass exodus of folks out of quebec because they had finally had enough of the political quagmire we so often find ourselves in.

Turns out, I have to thank the opening of the new Highway 30 extension for this reduced traffic on the 20 westbound!  What an absolutely pleasant surprise! No more wondering if it’ll take me 30 minutes or 90 minutes to get home or to work!  No more trying to figure out the ideal moment to leave the house and avoid the rushes.  I have left at different times both to/from work and I have consistently had a good 35 minute drive!

I feel like I’ve regained days back in my weeks.  It’s unbelievable.  I honestly have more energy in the mornings AND the evenings now – as opposed to coming home completely wiped from sitting in traffic.

I always knew this 30 extension was going to be a good and viable thing (for congestion, for business, for the area I live in) but I definitely didn’t expect to directly benefit from it the way I am now!  Here’s hoping it’ll last a long, long, time! 🙂


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