Say what? How long?

Okay, so it seems that it’s not just my personal schedule that changes every 3 months or so, but my posting habits as well! 🙂  I can hardly believe it’s been over 3 months since I last logged on here and posted (although I do still log on and read!) but there you go.  Can’t argue with the posting dates.

I think the hardest part of coming back to posting after such an absence is that it’s almost impossible to write an update that can properly cover all that has happened in the interim. 3 months might not sound like much, but it is, and a lot can and does happen.

I remember at one time writing about how when we moved to our new location at work that I would potentially have a few minutes in the mornings to post a little something before starting my day.  And yet the reality is that because of other schedule changes, that hasn’t been possible.  So much for that.  Now, with Xmas around the corner, I believe I may have found a way to do it!

See, when I leave for the day, I don’t really touch my computers much at home (except to perhaps watch a show or movie).  The one gadget I do carry around in the evenings is my iPad – usually to read comics but lately more to play games 🙂  What I always thought I could do was also use it to post or write more.  But, guess what?  I hate the keyboard interface and two-finger touch-typing on the device.  So, I asked Santa to get me a bluetooth keyboard that I can use with it!  Yay!  Real typing! 🙂

Will this make me post or write more?  Maybe.  But what it will definitely do is make it easier for me to do so!  That means the final edits on the re-release of The Anti-Bodies can be possible, along with more creative work!  That’s a good thing 🙂  Writing blog posts… I miss it.  I do.  As cute as it may sometimes be to tweet little zingers or update FB with family pics, I do miss being able to spill out my thoughts on these blogs and “leave a little something behind” for my kids to read in the future and know a bit more about me.

So, as we get to winding down the year, and surviving the silly panic of our so-called day-of-doom, I just wanted to pop in here and say hello.  If I don’t make it back before next week, then I send out well wishes and hopes for Happy Holidays to everyone!  May your heart always smile!


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