Beginning a new Routine

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it seems like any routine (or schedule) we get into only really lasts for a couple of months before things change and we have to update it 🙂  For example, I got home from Emeryville at the end of February.  We got into a specific routine for a few months (as I adjusted to working locally) and then tweaked it when school let out.

Today, however, with Chantale starting her new job, we’re back to facing questions that we haven’t had to in almost 2 years! Lol!  Back then, I was heavily restricted by hours of children pickup/ drop off because of the different places each child went to AND the insane commute I was putting myself through.  Now, and for the next couple of years starting in September, really, both kids will be going to the same school. That means one place and time for both! And, with Chantale and I basically working 1km from each other, it also means either one of us can do the picking up or dropping off and on the rare occasions that either one of us have to be out of town, we’re both capable of doing both without impacting our work schedules! That’s quite the relief 🙂

(and I can’t even describe how wonderful it feels that Chantale will be close enough that we can head out to lunch every now and again! I love having my best friend within walking distance! Another huge benefit (or long-term gain) being derived from the short-term pain of me working in the US for 9 months)

So, with all the proper harmonizing of our family schedules, all that’s missing is for me to carve out some time that I can devote to writing so I can finally bring some of those projects to fruition a little faster than the current timetable! 🙂


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