Random Thought Bubbles

Today was such an incredibly busy day that there was absolutely no time to think about anything in any “long” fashion.  So, my brain simply jumped from thought to thought as I tried to chop off as many items from my to-do list as possible.  After all, with a new employee starting today and the US being on holiday tomorrow, I had to ensure she was technically operational today.  Especially as I’m flying off to Markham tomorrow (and back on Thursday night).  I’ll be missing Charlize’s soccer game tomorrow night and Kyle’s on Thursday night but it couldn’t be helped at this point 🙁

Wow, another point in just how scrambled my brain is today – I had a number of thoughts and ideas I wanted to relate quickly just about an hour ago.  But now, after starting to pack and getting the kids to bed, my short term recollection has decided to take a vacation.  Which can only truly mean one thing: I need to get some sleep.  Although not an extremely early flight, I’ll still be getting up at 5am to be ready.

More tomorrow, probably from the airport lounge 🙂


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