T minus 1


I think that sums it all up for me.  Just wow.

From the 2.5 months of hanging on, waiting for this job that was given to me to finally be unblocked after being put on hold at the last minute, to flying to San Francisco on a day’s notice (after finally and formally signing the contracts) to being blown away by what I saw at Emeryville (and even jumping right into the discussions and giving examples on the boards during my first meetings) to getting to fly back home that same week and arriving at midnight as the clock struck and announced my birthday…

…through the week of prep and the angst at leaving my family, followed by meeting my team and us all flying back to San Francisco together, getting our TN Visas, and getting settled into the hotel that changed its name 3 times while we were here, to the many months, weeks, days, and hours of working, living, laughing, and growing together…

To going back home. For good.

So many moments, so many experiences, so much of everything… and we kept on going through it all because we believed in the project so much, and because my family was strong enough to survive this very difficult separation, and that thankfully my wife was able to ensure our children were never lacking.

And now it all comes down to this. 4 suitcases, stuffed as stuffed can be without breaking open, 9 months of “living” packed away and ready to be tossed into a plane’s cargo hold… my hotel room, so much a part of my daily life already packed away in my mind, and me sitting at my desk, on this laptop, watching the clock tick away as it counts the minutes and hours before it’s time to get up tomorrow morning, for the last time, and head out to the airport.

to. go. home.  HOME.


I’m going to miss being here, but I’ll be back every now and again. But my heart will finally be whole again as I’ll be physically reunited with my family. We survived.  Wow.

It probably won’t feel “real” until Monday morning when I get up to get ready to head out… only to realize I won’t be flying back! Phew.

Home… just a few short hours away…


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