A New Year

Indeed, it’s a new year, and I still haven’t manage to figure out a way to make time to put my thoughts down :)

I wanted to speak of the holidays, and how wonderful it was to be home this year – how being so far from home for so long already just made BEING home for Xmas that much more special. How packed the time was and how much food was consumed! :)  Everything was just so special but busy! In fact the only downtime was after Jan 1st when we were able to just “veg” and unwind. By the time I got to that state of peaceful bliss, however, it was time to jump back on the plane and get back to the “real world”.

Thus, now, almost 2 weeks later, going on about those holidays is just not the same.

The ‘real world’ consists of spending 9-10hr days at work followed by anywhere from 1 to 3 hours of being on Skype to catch up on what’s been going on back home. Strangely enough my body is still (and seems to always be) on whacked-out time zones so there are quite a number of nights where I end up falling asleep between 8-9pm (usually while reading!). But, it won’t be long now when I can once again work in the same city where I actually live :)

In the meantime, I should try to take advantage of this new blog format to put some thoughts down. After all, even my status and tweets seem to mainly revolve around my flight plans (and the Travels of Bulbasaur ;) ). And although it feels like a lot of my time is definitely spent on air travel, there is more to what’s going on than that and I’d like to record it for posterity :)

So, not a New Year’s resolution, but more a Desire.


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