Sir Spam-a-lot

As my Paid LiveJournal account deadline looms, I’ve been taking a longer look at just sticking with the basic account for reading my friends posts while sticking to the site now resting on my own domain. I still have a few weeks to decide but I’ll probably just ride it out and see how painful that will be vs just going full-RSS.

In the meantime, what’s been bothering me the most about the new WP site is… the amount of spam it gets! Daily spambots telling me how much they love the blog and sticking links everywhere. Good thing the moderation is on so their comments don’t get published, but still. What a pain.

So it’s Saturday night in Emeryville and I just lost the entire afternoon due to having fallen asleep after lunch… to only be woken at suppertime by a constantly ringing phone! I still don’t get what’s going on over here. This entire past week has had me falling asleep anywhere between 8pm-9pm with my alarm waking me up just before 6am. That’s like almost 10 hours of sleeping which could easily be more. What the heck is up with my body that it needs that much sleep and knocking me out so often?!

S’funny. It’s almost like my body “knows” that it’s supposed to be winter time and wants to go into hibernation. Except, that’s not exactly the case here – although it will be when I fly back home in a couple of days. Yes, I’m hoping for a White Christmas – I do every year. Kind of hard to think about the Holidays without any snow around! :)  Just doesn’t feel right, you know?

Well, as I’m looking forward, here’s to the fact that I’ve just passed 7 months on this project, living away from home. Wow. Still partly unbelievable. 2 more months and I’m home for good. And THAT is something worth celebrating, too! :)


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