Life is so strange…

In 1979, when The B52’s released their debut album, my 12-year old self could never have imagined, sitting in the living room listening to Rock Lobster on my turntable, that 32 years later I’d still be enjoying their songs or that I could find myself, in jeans, walking to work in the Bay Area, crossing palm-tree-lined streets, a Vanilla Latte in one hand and a laptop bag in the other, while Planet Claire and Rock Lobster rang in my ears on a device the size of a pack of gum.

I guess, to that Mike, I’d probably consider myself a “Yuppie” – which is a bizarre thought as I could never imagine myself a “Professional” *anything* !!

At least I take comfort in knowing that the music of those times still resonates with me and still has messages that can be taken to heart… even 30 years later.

Or, to quote Missing Persons, “Life is so strange… when you don’t know… how can you tell… where you’re going to… you can’t be sure… of any destination… something could change… and then you won’t know…”

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