School Thoughts…

It’s funny… I’m reading through the final Home & School bulletin from Edgewater and am feeling a mix of sadness and regret.

Sadness because of the truth/fact that my little boy, Kyle, is done with Kindergarten! That evening a year ago, with all the emotions we went through as we got him ready for his first days at Kindergarten, seems so far away. And yet, it was only a short year. It wasn’t easy for us to “let go” of our boy, but it sure was exciting to see him grow and change, watch as he made progress in reading and speaking french, smile in joy as we talked with him and saw his intellect expand as he engaged us in thoughtful discussion about so many things. And now, we’ll have to start thinking of him going into Grade 1 (after the summer, of course). Our little baby boy is going to be 6 years old next month. Not so little any more.

So, a little sadness, but very much filled with pride as well.

As for the regret part… well, that stems from the fact that I’ve always been a supporter of Home & School but unfortunately this year it was impossible to be anything more than a financial supporter as opposed to an in-person active one. I think back at all the time I spent with Parent’s Council when James and Melyssa were in elementary and how good it felt to be a part of their educational pursuits. With Kyle, I almost felt like I would have been able to go even further in my volunteering but the timing was always wrong.

So, a little regret in not being able to have a hand in guiding some of the activities put on in the school. The two biggest ones I would have loved to have put in place would have been an author speak and/or exercise on creating writing with the older kids, and getting some of my artist friends to come in to the library and do some kind of sketch presentation of sorts. Anyhow, these are not ideas that are dead, just dormant until the timing is better (and/or I’m back in town!)

School… what a totally different perspective you get on it when you’re a parent as opposed to when you’re living through it as a student… 🙂

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