Open Your Eyes!

As I was walking to a meeting this morning, I passed a guy on the road that immediately got my head shaking. A “typical” businessman (you know the type: suit, suitcase, stress pouring off of him in buckets) frantically trying to find and wave down a cab.

After walking out and back to the curb a number of times, he says to a complete stranger, “are there no cabs in this bloody town?!”. His exasperation was as comical as the look of complete “what the fuh?” on the other guy’s face.

As he finally saw a cab with an available light and ran towards it (middle of the road, weaving through other cars), I almost walked over and smacked him in the head. Truth is, if he hadn’t run off after the cab I *would* have. Why? Because RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from him, to his right – the direction he needed to go, were 5 cabs just sitting there in their designated spot.


Open your eyes, people. Stop being so pissed off at the world that you can’t even see a few feet in front of your own self-importance.

Seriously. Get a life.

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