where does the time go…

i really have to wonder sometimes how the heck we get anything done. what with all the demands put on our time just to stay ALIVE, how do we find the time to actually LIVE?

this, of course, makes me wonder even more on how can we find the time to move our personal projects forward. it’s nuts. as much as life is “simpler” now than it used to be, it STILL shouldn’t be this hard to strike a balance, find a harmonious middle.

when i first joined the workforce (*cough* *cough* years ago) i used to joke about 3-day weekends because, let’s face it, who wants to face mondays? but, the older i get, the more i have to do and find ways to get done, the more i have to work at finding PEACE, the more the idea of 4-day work weeks appeals to me.

if i had that one extra day to do all the menial chores around the house, for example, the weekends would be more relaxing. on the other hand, if i could take that 1 day and prioritize and move my projects forward, i would definitely feel more personal satisfaction at accomplishing them.

i’m not going to live forever. i’d at least like to go out not feeling like i’m constantly chasing my tail.

sombre thoughts on a sombre friday.

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