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I’ve got the final front cover from the upcoming novel… and it is SO cool that it helped turn around my entire “bleah” week! 🙂 Seriously! I’m so tempted to share it with all of you but decided to hold off a few more weeks until the book’s ready for release. It’s done. I’m just putting some final pieces together before sending it off to the printer.

In other news, I’m having a birthday in a couple of weeks! Now, ever year, I have gone to see some kind of comic or action movie on my birth day. Why not? It’s fun, it’s mindless, it’s a day off… what better time to just unwind and give in to the silly side 🙂 This year, the chosen movie was set to be Star Trek. However, one of the folks I was going to see it with would not have been available on my birthday weekend. So, we pushed up the party day to tomorrow May 2nd and now we’re going to see Wolverine instead 🙂

Of course, I’m also taking May 15th as a vacation day (initially it was supposed to be the 14th, but something had come up on that day that made it impossible so I switched to the 15th… and they’ve since moved that meeting to another day. sigh. but at least it’ll make for a 4 day weekend since the 18th is Victoria Day and thus a holiday 🙂 But, I digress). Anyhow, Chantale and I are going to head out to see Star Trek on IMAX on the 15th. So, a double-bonus this year 😉

Speaking of bonuses… another very nice thing about this weekend? May 3rd marks 10 years that Chantale and I have been dating 🙂 This past Monday marked 8 years that we’ve been living together! So, to celebrate, I’m taking her out for a romantic brunch at our favorite place: Auberge des Gallant where we held our wedding reception 🙂

*Happy Sigh*

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