Mysterious Minute-Men… A Good Book? Yes! :)

I certainly like to think so! And what a pleasant way to start a Monday than with someone agreeing with me! 😉

A pretty good summary:
“The best way to describe The Mysterious Minute-Men Omnibus is that it’s a graphic novel without any graphics. Which may seem odd, but imagine a graphic novel before it has gone to storyboard and images have been added. I think you’d have something like The Mysterious Minute-Men Omnibus”

That, I must admit, is high praise. I remember someone else telling me a few months back (Theresa, I believe it was you), that reading the book was like reading a Comic Book without Panels. That’s the whole spirit of it all! 😉 Something that you can actually “see” in your mind’s eye 🙂

This quote really made me giggle:
“Led by Minute-Man they protect Metro-City, often risking their lives simply because they believe it’s the right thing to do. And so they can have donuts.”

That’s right, donuts! 🙂 Because… after all… Coffee is great, but Donuts get you sugar-high enough to want to go out and save a city!! 🙂

And, as a wrap up:
“But anyone who’s a fan of super-hero parodies and comics that don’t take themselves too seriously will enjoy The Mysterious Minute-Men Omnibus by Mike Aragona.”

Thanks Jody!! 🙂

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