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Been wanting to do this for a while now, but such is life…

Kyle and Charlize are obviously growing very quickly. As such, it’s always nice to remember certain moments and there are a few I wanted to note. And so…

– Knows what she wants! Will go right up to an object (or as close as possible) and point at it repeatedly. When you ask if that’s what she wants, she nods her head vigorously, big smile on her face, and gasps out “ya! ya! ya!”
– When she’s eating, if she accidentally drops something on her table, she’ll go: “uh-oh! De-gah!” (french for “mess”)
– When she’s playing with her puzzle pieces, she’ll sometimes pretend to not be able to pull them apart. She’ll look up and say, “tuck!” with a big smile on her face 🙂
– This past weekend, when Chantale picked her up in the kitchen, she pointed to the cracked egg shells on the counter (we were having brunch) and said, “Co-co!” which took us off guard. We referred to eggs that way for her, and now after all these months, she’s naming them 🙂
– When I put her and Kyle in their car seats, she pointed to the toys I keep nearby and said, “Caaahr” which made me do a double-take 🙂 Kyle often asks to hold the toy cars (it keeps him quiet) while we drive. This was the first time she did it 🙂
– When she’s hungry, she’ll walk to the fridge and state, “Mnum-a-Mnum!”
– a couple of weeks ago, I was in the kitchen cleaning up from lunch while she played in the living room. Abba Gold was on the CD player and at one point Charlize ran into the kitchen, pointed to the radio, and announced, “MaMaMnyumMeeya!”. I knew what she meant and followed as she raced back to the living room, pointed up to one of the shelves we have where we keep regular-rotation-DVDs and she repeated what she had just said. I asked, “You want to watch Mama Mia?” and she nodded vigorously, big smile on her face, gasping out “ya! ya! ya!” and then hauled herself up on the couch 🙂
– When the movie started and the song “I have a dream” began? The little tyke started humming -in tune- “na na nanaaaa…” 🙂

– What can I say about him except that he’s very demanding, is always trying to negotiate for everything, highly active, rambunctious, both argues with and plays very nicely with his sister 🙂
– One thing that stands on its own: he’s now seen Monsters Inc. so many times that he “speaks” along with the movie as he watches it 🙂 And not just the “big” moments, all the small chats, too! 🙂
– Conversation of a few weeks ago, “Daddy, how come houses don’t come with machines that make pizzas?”
– Another conversation, “Daddy, it’s not nice what you said to me that I broke that toy when I was little.” “But sweetie, I wasn’t trying to be mean. I simply told you what happened and why it’s broken.” “But I didn’t know. I was little!”

Heh heh 🙂

By the way, I finally got around to starting to upload some of the 2009 Birthdays Click the link to see some photos from Chantale and Melyssa’s b-days 🙂

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