Editing Praise

You know when you unexpectedly get praise for something you did? Doesn’t it feel really good? Especially when you know you really worked hard on it?

I took on some new work earlier this year and recently got this totally unsolicited feedback in return:

“I just went through your edits and suggestions today and revised my book accordingly. I want to thank you again for the excellent work you did. You know this, I am sure, but you have a sharp eye. Not only did you catch numerous little mistakes that needed to be caught, but you made a number of perceptive comments.”

I have to admit that I was just really happy to have been able to help – after all, along with being such a hard-working writier, I respected the work and training that he’s done throughout the years. So, to get this note from him really made my day 🙂

The author in question? Paul Lima. The book in question? The excellent (re)Discover the Joy of Writing.

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