Busy, always busy…

It’s crazy. I’ve done SO much in the last couple of weeks, and yet I still feel like I’m chasing after myself with all the stuff STILL yet to do!

On the family side, we had a fun March Break, even though everyone ended up sick and we’re still all taking antibiotics to fight off the various infections. I’m talking EVERYONE being sick – all 6 of us!

On the renovation side, I got the ceiling installed in the basement hallway, plastered, sanded, and put up the primary coat. With picking up a 10-position ladder, I was also able to finish the 1st plastering of the stairwell to the basement. Didn’t have the energy to sand it through or start the 1st prime coat but it’s coming. Still also have a few minor touch-ups in Melyssa’s room (such as installing the various quarter-rounds onto the baseboards and the closet’s sliding-door frame).

On the editing/ copyediting side, besides getting through The Mysterious Minute-Men: Ready for the Future (still aiming for a release within 2 months – , if you’re going to get me that 2nd pin-up, I’ll need it very soon!), I worked (and continue to help) on the upcoming Star Trek a Comics History by Alan J. Porter (last year’s book James Bond The Illustrated History of 007 is a beautiful production and a must-have for Bond enthusiasts!). I also recently lent eyes and thoughts towards Paul Lima’s (re)Discover the Joy of Creative Writing which is chock-full of great ideas to spur you back to the road of creativity and one I heartily recommend. There were also a number of other scripts, proposals, and books but too many to mention right now.

Finally, a big thanks to Von Allan who was very kind in lending his time to trying to resolve a big issue I was having getting the revised cover for The Mysterious Minute-Men Omnibus set to the correct format required by the printer. I’m still awaiting the proof copy but once all this is finalized, TMMMO will be re-released at large. The reasons? Simple. I’m not ready to set PDF copies of my books “free” to the world. And the shipping costs for Lulu are bloody atrocious. So, the best of everything is to get the book off of Lulu and out to on-line vendors so folks who are used to shopping online can simply include it in their everyday shopping and save on Shipping (amazon and indigo chapters, for example, have free shipping over $39).

Anyhow, more news when that happens. For now, here’s the updated cover – still by Gabriel Morrissette – sporting the new logo 🙂

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