Give me a break!

Most of you know that I tend to get to work early and if not in the office I’m usually online working at around 430am-5am. Well, today, seeing as next week is March break, I took the car to a closer train station so I could leave a little earlier this afternoon. What this does is allow me to take the very early bus in and get to the office quite early.

Case in point, I walked onto my floor at 620am. As I get off the elevator, I smell smoke. Not fire-smoke, cigarette-smoke. That’s pretty bizarre seeing as not only is the building and the office smoke-free, even the cleaning folks overnight aren’t allowed to smoke. Heck, doing so can inviolate our insurance simply due to the “potential danger” of. Yet, I know what I smell.

I take my jacket off and start to go sniff around (literally). I have a very sensitive nose and can trace this without real effort. It’s 620am for gump’s sake! There shouldn’t be anyone IN the office at this time! The first person to show up is usually at 7am and he opens the lights (I prefer to work in the dark so never open them when i get in 😉 ). Anyhow, within a few steps I can smell it getting stronger. I turn the corner and literally almost at the end/ back of the floor, there’s a guy actually fucken smoking at his desk! As I approach him with a “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” he tosses his butt in his coffee and smiles sheepishly. He chuckles at my comment that I smelled him as soon as I got out of the elevator – like he didn’t believe me. Duh. The air vents are all off, dude! Of course your smoke wasn’t pulled and pushed away, it lingered in the air on the whole floor!

Sometimes I just wish people would look BEYOND their fucken noses and think about the shit around them. Life’s not just about them.


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