Silence is as Silent is…

Someone recently complained that I don’t post any more. I went from posting at least once a day to so sporadically that there’s no easy way to follow. Of course, it got me thinking.

Have I really been so quiet because I’ve had nothing to say? Have I been quiet because I’ve been too busy? Because I’ve been expressing myself elsewhere? In the end I realized that it’s been a combination of everything.

I’ve had nothing to say: Many, many days I’ve simply not had anything to “offer up”. Nothing post-worthy or discussion-friendly. I went through a bad bout of migraines for almost 2 weeks for which I can’t claim 100% was due to work-related stress. I’m sure the little sleep and the too much thinking/ copyediting/ staring at a computer screen had some things to do with it, too. Often, though, I’ve just wanted to be quiet and observe everyone else.

I’ve been busy: Hell, yeah. Trying to incorporate 6 new employees into my team, trying to understand the new work and projects being brought in under my responsibility, and trying to keep things running smoothly have taken their toll. I don’t have to mention that family demands have also had their moments but that’s okay. Then, Comicopia deadline was this week which meant some fast time-juggling to get everything set up as well as finishing my own section, and later today getting the copies back, the final covers, to wind up collating and binding the whole thing for mail delivery tomorrow. On top of that, I had a soon-to-be-released book I promised to copy edit/ proof which I finished this week and a third draft of another book with a deadline for today. My own stuff took a bit of a hit but not an unwelcome one. I’m trying to get the final cover for the Omnibus re-release off by the end of next week so that book can finally be “closed” and I have a chapter and end-notes/ appendix to polish off for the follow-up before stepping back and re-looking at the entire book once more to make sure it still ‘works’. I’ll have 2 months to do that, at least, in order to keep my promised release date. At the same time, I’ve been looking at 3 possibilities for 2010, one of which I’ve already started researching/ taking notes on.

I’ve been expressing myself elsewhere: Yes and no. Mainly email convos trying to catch up with old friends. Also, some Facebooking in terms of sharing some family pics. Again, I guess I’ve been too tired to do any real social networking.

All in all, though, I’m seriously looking forward to spring and the “release” of winter clothing. Man was not meant to be encumbered by clothing!

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