My Sweet and Sensitive Little Boy…

Some things just beg to be remembered. And even after the tantrums and the sugar-rush screeching runs across the house (Kyle chasing Casey, Charlize chasing Kyle, everyone running and screaming… video to follow, actually! 🙂 ), it’s the soft, quiet moments that linger forever.

Kyle wrote his first letter to Santa recently. He sat up on Chantale’s lap and both Mommy and he held the pencil while Mommy pushed the words he spoke:

“Dear Santa Claus.

I’m Kyle Ethan Aragona-Turgeon. I am 3 years old. For Christmas I would like my Spider-Man band-aid to stick to my fingers (the black Spider-Man, not the blue one), some dragons, and tools to fix my own cars and trucks. I promise to be a good boy for Santa.

Hugs & Kisses
Kyle Ethan”

How nice is that? 🙂 And how funny is it that one of his biggest wants is that the Spider-Man band-aids he gets on his “boo boos” actually stay on! LOL! 🙂

On the sensitive side… he shared his feelings with us last night. We were getting ready to take James and Melyssa back to laval and again he didn’t want to come. He’s always SO excited to go pick them up on the Friday nights that he can barely wait for Friday to come. But for about the last 2 months now, he’s been against bringing them back insisting, instead, that he would stay home with Chantale.

Chantale asked him yesterday why he didn’t want to drive with me to bring them back. What was he feeling?

“I don’t feel good. My heart is broke.”

3 years old and he not only understands what bringing his older siblings “back” means but also genuinely feels the loss upon coming back home without them. To the point that he refuses to say good-bye to them. I did, however, tell him, “You don’t have to say good-bye, sweetie. You can simply say ‘see you in 2 weeks!'”. So that’s what he did instead.

I had told the kids that Kyle really does miss them when they’re not around, but this was the most powerful proof of it.


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