‘Tis the season?

Nope. Not ready. Not yet.

It’s hard to imagine that Xmas is a few short weeks away and yet there it is – the calendar is irrefutable proof!

But I’m not ready.

This feels like the first time in memory that I’m not already in a festive mood. And, sure enough, there are plenty of activities around the corner… December is just littered with them starting that first weekend!!

But I’m just not ready… and it’s two weeks away…

(ps- one cute thing, however, is that every night when I pick up the kids from daycare, Kyle will always ask (as I’m strapping him into his car seat), “Daddy, is it Christmas now?” 🙂 And I answer, “No, sweetie, not yet. It’s the ‘season’, but it’s not Christmas yet.” Then, he ponders this a little and asks again, “At Christmas, Frosty’s gonna come with Santa Claus?” 🙂 It’s cute and adorable 🙂 )

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