The Great (Self-Repairing) Machine

“I’m a machine, you’re a machine, everybody that’s a body you know they are machines…”
-Schoolhouse Rocks

Back in November 2006, I was suffering some pretty severe headaches. I decided to go see my optometrist and we had discovered that my prescription (which I’d been good with for about 2 years prior if not more) needed to be cut by HALF! It was pretty incredible. Seems my left eye had gone from -1.0 to -0.50 and my right had gone from -0.75 to -0.50

We had made jokes about my body basically repairing itself and I attributed it to my own Mutant Healing Factor. Of course. 🙂

The glasses I had bought for that prescription, unfortunately, were pretty faulty. By late last year the left handle snapped off and a month later, the right one did. Then, this year, the rubber covering the left arm simply fell apart. I tried to hold off as long as possible (yes, with black tape) until such time as my insurance would be active again (we’re covered something ridiculous like $100 per 2 years – my glasses plus rx cost $400!!). But, finally, this past week I had had enough and went in on Saturday to pick out a new pair.

It was noted in my records that it had been 2 years since my last checkup and I really should get an update to make sure the rx was still valid. Okay, makes sense. So, that’s what I did yesterday. Turns out I’ve got a really strong optic nerves, pressure’s good, etc, etc, etc… and my left eye went from -0.50 to -0.25. What the heck?

I don’t know what it is, but it sure seems like my body’s aging really well… 😉

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