Sunday Dreaming

Today marked my parents’ 48th Wedding Anniversary!! I’d been thinking about it for weeks and yet ON the day… I totally forgot. But, serendipity being what it was, I had decided to go visit them and so after breakfast we all hopped into the car and drove over. It was a very pleasant surprise for them and we had a really nice morning and lunch there πŸ™‚

Afterwards, we drove home and I spent a bit of time doing some yard clean-up starting with storing Chantale’s tires under the outside deck (we got her winter tires installed yesterday) and picking up toys, bringing in items that I did not want to lose over the winter (we got frost last night so I wanted to bring in the various basketballs, lawn ornaments, tables, etc).

When I had finished, Chantale told me that her parents were coming over because they wanted to see the kids and her dad wanted to move the light box in the basement hallway. He felt a little bad that I had done so much work without him recently (finishing the floors, installing the closet doors, etc) that he wanted to advance the work. So, they came over and we tackled that minor job. We moved the box to the middle of the hallway and installed the new 3-track system I had purchased for it. I used the opportunity to replace the old light with the one in the back of the basement that kept burning out. Looks good! Again, more incentive to finish this hallway off so we can properly set it up (bookshelves, chairs, paintings, etc) to have a small, private spot that Chantale and I can retire to in the evenings and just relax, read… πŸ™‚

I like home renovations. It’s a very relaxing hobby and so enjoyable to be able to take in the work done on improving one’s home. And, working piecemeal actually also feels a little of how we implement Agile Development at work in that I get to see the most important features first and slowly work out what needs to be built up next πŸ™‚

Anyhow, after the work was done we had a nice supper and I got the kids settled for bed pretty much the same way I did yesterday. Result? Both kids in bed at 745pm leaving me time to take a nice relaxing bath πŸ™‚ And now I can go spend a couple of hours with my wife before calling it a night and starting off another week!!

Life’s good!

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