Afternoon Sprinter

A funny thing happened to me on the way out of a meeting just now…

As I left our Head Office and walked down the steps to the street, I watched a man ride by on his bike with his little son behind him. The boy suddenly lost his helmet and he watched it roll away while his father continued riding oblivious to what just happened.

I ran to the helmet and yelled after the man who just continued to bike away. A couple of women were close by and added their voices to mine to no avail. As he got further and further away I made a snap decision that I would not let him get away. If it was me riding with my son or daughter I would be aghast to find them not wearing their helmets.

So, taking a tight grip on the helmet in one hand and my meeting papers in the other, I took off full-out-sprint after them, weaving in and out of intersections trying to avoid cars that didn’t care what I was up to. 2 traffic lights/ intersections later, I catch up to him and his wife who were so completely shocked and extremely grateful for what I had done, thanking me profusely. I just gasped out a “You’re Welcome” and happily walked away, trying to get my breath back and ease the cramp in my left calf.

It felt really good to DO good, ya know? 🙂

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