Friday Thoughts

I’ve recently had the opportunity to go over the last couple of years of posts (for a private project I put together). It was quite interesting to go through them all and see not only the “peaks” and “valleys” but the sheer number of moments/ events we’ve lived through. Again, I’m grateful to have this place as a record of my life and can only imagine what it will be like 3 years from now (comparing for example where I was at 3 years ago).

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve often felt held back from posting for various reasons (which was why I was thinking about carrying a notepad again) but was still not able to get back into it. Yesterday, however, as I was reviewing 2004, I realized that sometimes when I have nothing to say is when I really DO have something to share. What’s going on in my mind is really what’s going on with me so even the confusion is valuable (to me).

One of the things I like about the current new Facebook is that the only things seen on the ‘Home’ is what’s going on with folks. The status updates are the most interesting thing there.
That’s why I want to get back into the daily posting – even when I have nothing to say! Even to remind myself just what it is I’m doing gives me insight into why I’m doing it.

So, to kick it off for now, I’ll simply point out my current schedule. (I wanted to avoid stating that it’s my “new” schedule because I now realize just *how* many times that schedule has changed! 🙂 Heck, the last time was a short 3 months ago!! 🙂 ). My day begins like this (I count “begin” as the moment I get up to start the day):

4:35am – alarm goes off, I bound from my covers & get dressed.
4:45am – I make myself a small breakfast while preparing my lunch
4:55am – I switch on my Sun Lamp while I’m sat at the office desk. I eat my breakfast and go through short tasks (check email, check FB status, check the weather, etc)
5:25am – I head upstairs, get dressed, and hop into the car.
5:35am – I’m at the train station and take 10 minutes of silence in the dark, eyes closed.

Normally, my train arrives at 5:55am and I’m at work by 6:55am. Depending on if I take lunch, I’ll either catch the 3:15pm train home or the 3:45pm one. I get to the train station, go pick up Kyle and Charlize from daycare, head home and get supper going. That’s pretty much the routine 🙂

It’s tough at times to get up so early, but it’s necessary, especially in order to spend at least 20 minutes under the lamp. I’ve noticed a difference in my moods from this year and the past ones. Although, of course, the biggest test will be in a couple of months (probably beginning next month when we “fall back” for the winter)

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