What a morning!

Went to bed around 1030pm. At 2am, Chantale calls to let me know she arrived safely in Vancouver. At 4am, my internal clock wakes me up. I hit “break” and force myself back to sleep. At 530am Charlize is awake and crying to get up. Not a problem, I feel refreshed after sleeping an hour more than usual 🙂

So, I go get her, give her her morning bottle, and by 550am Kyle’s up. Again, not a problem, let’s get ready to go! So, get the squirt changed, get the munchkin ready, feed the dog, start getting dressed… and the phone rings!

Our daycare provider’s sister is in labor and since she’s assisting, she was calling to let me know that she had to go! Oh wow! Okay, good luck!

I’m standing in the stairway, holding the phone, trying to figure out what to do. I have a full 2-day implementation workshop session with some vendors at work and there’s no way I’m going to make it today.

I hope I’ll at least be able to attend the webinars from home…

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