More Praise for The Anti-Bodies

I had two unexpected (but very welcomed!) moments of praise yesterday in regards to The Anti-Bodies: Heaven Can Wait.

The first was from the owner of Trattoria Zia’s who (after an extremely warm hearted greeting) told me that she loved my book. “It really helped me, especially some passages – I’m sure you know the ones.” I asked if she were meant the ones about family, love, etc, and she nodded. “It really helped me with my sister and I loaned it out to her. I hope it’ll help her, too.”

Incredible. My novel helped bring peace and understanding between sisters? I was really touched!

The second item of praise came from someone who picked up TAB last week. “I have to carry it around with me all the time now. Ever since the end of Chapter 1, I can’t put it down!” 🙂

It sure makes the day extra-pleasant! 🙂

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