New Book Release!

Hello everyone! Another year, another project! 🙂

I wanted to let you know that my superhero parody novel is finally ready for distribution! So, for the comic book fans in your life, The Mysterious Minute-Men Omnibus is now availble for purchase! Here are the details and cover for the book:

Description: Not all Superhero Teams are the same, and when it comes to the zany adventures of The Mysterious Minute-Men, the differences are all part of the fun! Funnier than a barrel of monkeys – and probably just as powerful!

From the Back Cover: The Mysterious Minute-Men: Protectors of Metro-City. Heroes who have banned together in order to be a stronger, more powerful force for fighting crime, dishonesty, and parking tickets, in a city that sometimes seems besieged by evil.

The Mysterious Minute-Men are: Minute-Man, Leader and guiding force, with more powers than he can remember; Orion, Second-in-Command, with a strength and vocal force as strong as his appetite for donuts; The Bow-Minator; newcomer to the team, with more trick arrows than he can carry.

Together, with the occasional help from other luminaries such as; PowerHouse, man-mountain of muscle; Miss Fury, secret intelligence agent; Blaze and Zorra, super-powered private eyes; and The Transistors, protectors of the cyber-world; they help to keep the city streets clean, always making sure the city workers sweep up the trash after hours.

They keep vigil over a city threatened by the likes of The Sons & Daughters of Die T. Cola, M.O.M, and the true evil genius, The Diabolical Chef Jacques.

This Omnibus Edition collects all the early serial adventures along with specials, b-sides, and rarities from their zany adventures. You might not learn what their powers are or how they got them… but you will believe… heroes can be FUNNY!

Cost: The book can be purchased from ( for $20.00 (locals can get their copies from me). You can preview the book online by following the link!

Reminder: My first novel, The Anti-Bodies: Heaven Can Wait is always available. Details and cover follows:

Description: Michael thought he had it all – great family, great home, great life. In the blink of an eye, he lost it all… or did he? Finding himself stuck between life and death, he refuses to give up what is most precious to him. *Mature Readers* *Language* *Violence*

From The Back Cover: Michael Andolini heard what he had been told, but refused to believe it. He had too much to live for, too much going on in his life. A brand new home, a beautiful wife and daughter, a perfect life! There was no way he could be dead!

The four so-called spirits trying to convince him that it was no use simply gave up too easily. They hadn’t tried hard enough to find a way back. He would. And he did not care how long it took. As long as his body continued to breathe, he had a chance.

Michael believed in the triumph of good over evil. He believed in the power of love to move mountains. He believed in the impossible.

Those beliefs would now be put to the ultimate test.

Nothing would stop him from finding out why he was attacked, who the Anti-Bodies were, why they were linked to him, and… was his daughter really psychic?

Cost: The book can be purchased from ( for $15.00. Locals can purchase their books through me. As above, you can read the first 10 pages online.

Thank you for all your support and encouragement!
Mike Aragona

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