The Terrific Talent of Theresa Tschetter!!

In my Last Post I mentioned how YOU could help out someone (Rachel!) in need by donating something/ anything to help fill the bucket that will pay for some heavy duty surgery. The great news is that enough funds have already been collected to pay for her braces (or half the surgery)!! That’s a lot of love, folks. Keep it up!
Fix Rachel's Wonky Mouth

Now, I was one of those who took up on her art offer. For the past week, we’ve been emailing as I’ve been sharing with her both some published and some secret pieces of The Mysterious Minute-Men. Lucky for me, she loved the characters and really got into “who” they were πŸ™‚ The end result? Fantastic! πŸ™‚

Theresa, as much as I’ve had that single vision of what the characters looked like in “comic” form, YOU have captured how I saw them in their “Saturday Morning Cartoon” form!! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for all this!

Ladies and Gentlemen… Minute-Man and Orion (and little friend!)

The Mysterious Minute-Men

The Mysterious Minute-Men (c) Mike Aragona. Artwork (c) Theresa Tschetter

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