It’s strange that it feels like SO many things are going on… and at the same time that not much is going on? Familiarity in the busy-ness of it all, I guess 🙂 Anyhow, I thought it would be worthwhile to put up a mini-update on all things Mike.

1- Comicopia 105 came and went a couple of weeks back. I haven’t had time to scan the covers yet to put them online but plan to do so in the next couple of days.

2- The Mysterious Minute-Men Omnibus that I had originally planned on publishing next month will instead be released on May 14th – my 41st Birthday 🙂 Oh why not 🙂 I’ve just had a lot of trouble making the time to work on the edits. I also decided that the follow-up novel to TMM (Ready for the Future) will be released on my birthday next year. Makes it easier to plan… 🙂

3- For those who don’t already know, my wife, Chantale, has been working on a book about Charlize’s story. I do believe the final first draft will only be ready by end of June after which we’ll work together to “shape” it. The original goal has been to release the book on August 30th, 2008 (being both our 5th Wedding Anniversary and the 1st Anniversary of Charlize’s “re-birth”)

4- I picked up my SADelite from Northern Light Technologies yesterday (it’s big!) and used it for the first time this morning. I must say that considering the really crappy/ restless night of sleep I had, I found myself full of energy this morning.

5- At 4pm today I begin my Spring Break vacation!! 🙂 Tomorrow (as you already know) is Chantale’s official birthday, so I decided to use my last remaining vacation day to stay home. Next week is Spring Break which James and Melyssa spend with me so my reserved vacation week kicks in and the entire family is together! A whole 10 days away from work! Woo-hoo! 🙂

6- I still have a ton of things to do but just don’t have the time to list them right now! So, they’ll have to wait 😉

What’s up with the rest of you?

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