Birthdays Oh-my!

8 days from now, is the start of Chantale’s birthday. 10 days from now is the end of Chantale’s birthday!! 🙂

As a Leap Year baby, to make up for the fact that Feb 29th only happens every 4 years, we basically celebrated her birthday from the 28th through to the 1st of March! Does this mean that because it’s a Leap Year, we should only celebrate on the 29th? Nope. It just means that we’re supposed to celebrate HARDER on the 29th, while still respecting the 28th and the 1st… 🙂

Of course it makes sense. Don’t argue with me! 🙂

So far, there will be… JC, LV, MAB + KM (+1?), KC + AD (+2?), JDR + M, CN, CT + GHT, ARV, and us at supper on the 29th. That makes 14 adults & 4 kids confirmed. 3 kids to be confirmed (as indicated above). And still waiting on confirmation from LC + RG +3?, and GT + AT +1/2/3?

That’ll be nice 🙂 Anyone else reading this who wants to come? Aux Vieux Duluth on St. Jean’s (next to the Royal Bank)

Of course, 13 days from now, Melyssa turns 11! Hmmm… got one gift already… have to think about what else would be nice for her…

I have got to start budgeting these early-year expenditures a little better… 🙂

OH! I just remembered something else! Oops! Gotta go!

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