Going to a Show!

I’m all set for this weekend! Chantale’s mother is coming over Sunday at noon to watch the kids and then Chantale and I are heading to the Leonardo da Vinci theatre to watch a production of “The Heart of Life” to benefit the The Heart of Life Foundation.

What is this show about? Taken from their website, here is the story:

“The heart of Life show consist of 5 singers, 5 dancers, 4 musicians and children on stage telling a story through voice and movement. The artists on stage give a heartfelt performance showing the different states of mind and how they struggle to get back to living a normal life again. It’s a story of children and families undergoing difficult situations and finding inner peace.

Giving life is a happy moment, until we get the news that something is wrong with our child. We are faced with mixed emotions of fear, confusion, anger and despair until we find the strength to pull through. The show ends with a positive outlook, for families and children that had to overcome these challenging stages of life. “Accepting the circumstances and believing in life”.

The purpose of this show is to support the heart of life foundation and helping families heal.

Connie Rotella, Director and Creator of Heart of life production show, is also a mother that gave birth to her son Alessandro in November 2005. Her son was blue at birth followed by shocking news; your son has a malformation of the heart called Transposition of the great arteries and needs an open heart surgery to stay alive. At only 3 days old, Alessandro underwent 8 hours of surgery. Today, he is stable and doing well and he is on stage to share this story with many of you. We are grateful to have such a wonderful surgeon, Dr. Tchervenkov, at the Children’s Hospital where he made many miracles happen. With Dr. Béland and the team of Doctors and nurses being our family through our journey there, it’s our turn to say Thank you for all there care.

Being a professional Dancer, choreographer for the past 15 years, and touring the world, gave me a chance to put smiles on the faces of children who were in desperate need at that time. Never did I think this would happen to me and my family. Watching the Telethon on Television in the intensive care unit (9D) green room at the Children’s, and being on the other side of the stage that I danced for many years, that was a turning point for me. I knew then that I had to do something positive with the talent that was given me. Since then I opened a successful Dance studio in LaSalle, Danse 123, to help people grow in doing something that everybody enjoys, acting, dancing and singing. And now, creating the Heart of Life show, a cause that is very close to my heart and very healing to my soul.

Come join us on February 10th and 24th, 2008

This show is created especially for all the families, friends and children that’s been touched by this cause. All funds go to the heart of life foundation at the children’s hospital. This spectacular show was created especially for this event, and for heart month.

Da Vinci Theatre in St-Leonard
8370 Boul. Lacordaire

Chantale and I watched the video of the song (that was performed at the Telethon of Stars, I believe) and it was simply beautiful. As I mentioned earlier, Valentine’s Day really does hold a new meaning for us now as a day of the “Heart” 🙂

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