Back to the Paint.

So, in our New Year of changes and going forward, my wife and I have made the decision to finally paint our bedroom and finally get furniture. Yeah, furniture 🙂 We haven’t really had any in our bedroom outside of our bed for years. My last set was given to my eldest daughter so we’ve been living out of our closet in a way 🙂

Last weekend, we moved the computer desk down to the basement (again in my daughter’s room) where it was always slated to be, and moved the television out as well. The television/ stereo stand is still there for now but will be moving soon. So, our room definitely looks quite bare (not counting the various paintings/ posters on the walls).

Yesterday, choices were made and furniture bought (should arrive in 2 weeks). Plus, new 4-drawer filing cabinet purchased for filing out various utility bills and invoices. Something to help me keep the clutter at bay 😉 Of course, after all this, we realized that with so little in the room, it would be the ideal time to paint it! The room has never been repainted since we bought the house 4+ years ago and with the shifting over time, there are a few patch-ups required from the nails/ screws that have moved.

Soooo, with the filing cabinet coming in tomorrow, we’ll get the grandparents to watch Kyle and Charlize on Saturday, and get seriously cracking on setting up the room, plastering, sanding, and repairing before slapping on that Primer. We’ll head out to buy the color while the Primer dries. Properly executed, we could potentially be waking up to a “new” room on Sunday morning 🙂

After all this, I’ll finally be able to continue with the basement work over the next few weeks…

Home Renos. They’re fun and satisfying 🙂

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