Life Thoughts

Sidebar comments on the old adage of the customer’s always right:

1- Your clients do not keep you warm at night. Unless you’re in the sex trade. But even then, they have to pay extra for it.

2- You do not kiss your clients good morning or good night. Again, see #1 for exceptions.

3- You are not indispensable to your clients. Regardless of how well you “service” them, they will easily replace you if/ when you’re not there. Yes, even for the exceptions noted in #1.

4- Your clients’ first sentences to you do not include “I Love You” (exception #1 possible here again) but more along the lines of what you can/must do for them. Hmm. Both these sentences can apply to exception #1.

5- You do not bounce your clients on your knee. See #1 for exceptions.

6- You do not visit your family with your clients (although I’ve seen some ladies in the flesh trade being taken to some corporate events BY their clients…)

7- Keeping your clients “happy” should be part of your job, not your life.

So, in terms of working out a proper Life/ Work Balance… remember this question: Do you have a job, or are you a hooker?

(I’ll add to this list as the inspiration hits throughout the day. Right now my head is still pounding from my little visit to the dentist chair last night. Don’t ask)

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