November Fatigue

Ya know… I think this is the first November in something like 5 years that I’m not worn out because of NaNoWriMo. In fact, it’s about that long since I’ve been doing NaNo. However, as I’m not doing it this year (waaaay too many committments, plus launching a new book on October 31st…) it is not the reason for my fatigue. That joy falls to Kyle and Charlize who -although both have great schedules individually- have conflicting sleep schedules.

Add to all this no small amount of stress from… places I’d rather not talk about, and you get a very aggravated Savageknight.

As you can probably tell, the mini-vacation up north did not happen this weekend. Fatigue and illness are to blame and, unfortunately, Chantale’s tonsilitis. Her case is so severe that here we are, two days later, and she’s feeling just as bad with extra pain from ears and swallowing. How much extra? She headed back to the clinic a little while ago. Her infection got worse and I believe they are now going to attempt to drain some of the pus from the swelling.

If this doesn’t work, there will be a tonsilectimy in her very near future…

Gotta go. Kids need me.

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