I realized (after speaking with a few people yesterday) that I never came back online to post that the surgery did not happen. sorry for the oversight. We went in on Monday and ran a gamut of tests, met a slew of people, and exhausted ourselves on information but, in the end, it was felt best to wait until Thursday (tomorrow). There was another baby in ICU that was being kept alive with medication and desperately needed the surgery. However, it was going to be a long and complicated one so it was best that they scheduled the whole day.

So, tonight, my in-laws will come over and pick up Kyle, Casey, and my sister-in-law (who came over last night to stay with us). Chantale, Charlize, and I will have to make it a very early bedtime because we literally have to be up at 3:30am tomorrow to prep/ get things done before we leave. We have certain restrictions (for example, no more breastfeeding after 3:30am) that we have to abide by in order to not interfere in the surgery prep.

It’s definitely going to be a tremendously long day.

We have to be there by 7am, go through admitting, head up to the ACM, and change Charlize. Then, at around 8am, we give her over to the anesthesiologists and we go meet with the surgeon. Afterwards, we’ll either go meet with the lactation consultant to discuss keeping up Chantale’s milk supply and what to expect post-surgery, or we’ll head over to Toyo’s restaurant for our 4th Wedding Anniversary lunch. They told us on Monday that it’ll take about 2 hours to prep the surgery and thus they won’t really begin to operate until around 10:30am-11:00am. The surgery itself will take about 2 hours. Afterwards, they leave her on the operating table (not alone, of course) for about 1hour to 90 minutes to ensure everything is stable. After that they get her ready to be moved to the ICU which could take about another 90minutes as well.

We’re hoping to be able to see her by suppertime…

So, that’s the update as we know it right now.

As for me, this morning, I’m feeling quite nauseous. When everyone sleeps through the night, waking up at midnight and 6am to give Charlize her meds is not a problem. But, when Kyle wakes up crying/ screaming from night terrors, and Charlize wakes up to feed, the constant interrupted sleep makes it difficult to function. Let’s just say that I almost lost what little breakfast I had this morning while I was on the train coming in to work…

I have more to say, but just no energy right now. Maybe later.

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