A Little Sore…

Finished painting the baby room last night. Yay! Cleared off all the tools and then brought back the changing table and assembled the crib. Very nice! I brought out the pieces of the commode and tonight we’ll be putting that together and figuring out how the furniture will be arranged around the room.

What will be left for the baby room: painting and re-installing the door and the closet doors, painting and installing the ogees, getting curtains. And voila! πŸ™‚

What’s left for Melyssa’s room: painting and installing the door, painting and installing the closet doors, getting and installing curtains (hmmm… i see a pattern here!), some “finishing” work on the installed ogees, baseboards, and door frames (covering up the nails, sealing them to the walls), getting and installing a door/ cover to the fusebox, installing the closet rod/ shelves, and sealing the floating floor open joints (there are about 4). We also told her she’d be getting our armoire so we’ll have to move it out of our room and set it up in hers.

What’s left to the basement reno project: sanding and painting of the basement hallway walls, installation, plastering, sanding, painting, of the basement hallway ceiling, installation of the basement hallway floating floor, painting and installation of the basement baseboards and door frames.

What’s left to the basement stairwell reno project: sanding and painting of the stairwell walls and ceiling, installation of the stairwell hand railing, figuring out what to do with the actual stairs!

Are there more projects after that? Yup, but they haven’t been numbered in priority yet πŸ™‚ (sealing, plastering, painting the garage walls/ ceiling, painting the garage floor, staining the backyard deck, painting the kitchen and dining room, painting the upstairs bathroom, painting the main hallway and stairway, etc etc)

I always knew owning a home was hard work… but lordy! A little break would be nice πŸ™‚

By the way… have I mentioned that deadline for Comicopia 101 is the same week that Chantale is due to give birth to our baby daughter? πŸ™‚ I’m either a complete glutton for punishment… or just insane! πŸ™‚

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