Busy Weekend

This weekend was a lot busier than I thought it would be! But then again, the week ended a lot busier than I expected it to so it’s more like a cascading effect! 🙂

My LDP Session (Thursday/ Friday out of town) ended early on Friday but the drive home took long mainly due to traffic and driving through storm points. Got into town almost 2 hours later and headed to Dumoulin to return rechargeable batteries (that we never wanted but ended up buying when we picked up our camera) followed by a quick run to get some cash and finally a hair cut! I can’t last more than 2 months between haircuts. It just grows that fast! 🙂

Got home and after a quick bite to eat, packed Chantale and Kyle into the car and headed off to pick up our new baby furniture that had arrived! Finally, the matching piece to the changing table we got last month!

Saturday morning was another whirlwind of shopping and returns (clothes clothes clothes! baby and toddler!) followed by a quick lunch. When Kyle went down for his nap, I headed into the baby room and finished prepping it for painting, putting on a coat of “Cotton Rag” white on the ceiling, plus a Pearl finish on the baseboards and door frames. A quick shower later and we headed to my in-laws for supper. By the time we got home, there was no energy for anything other than vegging 🙂

Sunday became a very physical day. After breakfast, I dressed Kyle and we headed out for another fun-filled bike ride. Considering it was supposed to rain all day, I wanted to get out before it started. An hour later (including a fun little visit to the Marina to enjoy the boats), we got back. Kyle wanted to play outside so we stayed out but while he played (mainly with the rocks in the driveway) I mowed the lawn in the front. (You never realize how much land you own until you try to mow it… ;)) We moved into the backyard and he alternated playing in the dirt and with his toys, to watching me mow the lawn. A couple of times he would run to the end of the fence and watch me approach him. As I got closer, he would scream/ giggle and run away. In effect, I “chased” him down with a roaring lawn mower 🙂 It was cute and he was SO well-behaved. A nice topper was calling him over to watch the frog that I had found hopping away from me. He came over and bent down to watch it. He kept trying to touch it calling “fog! fog!”. It was a nice little moment of watching him explore something new in his own back yard.

After lunch, he went down for his nap and I immediately got to work on painting again. Final coat on the ceiling, first coat on the walls, first coat in the closet (two colors). Looks really good! And the fact that all I have left is one more coat on the walls and closet is fantastic. After that, placing of ogees on the wall and we’re done! Then comes the fun part of assembling the baby furniture 🙂

By the time I was done, Kyle was awake from his nap and enjoyed The Jungle Book while having his snack. Chantale took him to play outside again and I took the opportunity to wash the dog. Finally, I was able to enjoy a shower of my own when the pup was dried! 🙂 During that time, Chantale’s parents had come over (we invited them for supper… lasagna!) so at least I didn’t have to rush.

Supper was nice but Kyle was definitely wiped from the day’s activities so he went to bed relatively early (7pm). Chantale’s parents left soon after and we settled in to watch Hotel Rwanda.

Yup, I was definitely achey at the end of the day, but kept telling myself that it’s nowhere near the level of pain and discomfort that Chantale is currently going through. Have you ever thrown a towel or cover on a kitten and watched it struggle/ fight to get out? That’s pretty much what it looks like looking at her belly! It’s like our baby girl is just trying to claw her way out! 🙂 Things have gotten a little worse in the past week but it was still an incredible surprise to find that she’s already dilated at 1cm!! She gave me this news on Thursday morning while I was out of town and she had just met with her doctor! Eeep! 🙂

In fact, the Doc moved her next appointment to tomorrow afternoon (instead of the usual Thursday morning). Considering the contractions Chantale’s been going through, we won’t be surprised if baby decides she’s ready to join us…

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