Went to a private gig on Saturday night to see Invisible and Random Colour, two bands made up of friends or folks I know. I’ve never been in the back room at Clyde’s but I think it was a great locale. I had to laugh at seeing the sound guy (who both bands had been raving about). Turned out to be none other than Perry who used to be my *other* friends’ (The Black Cadillacs) sound guy for their gigs! 🙂 When I saw him, I just nodded my head and said “ah”. Yup, he’s quite talented 🙂

The show was quite lively and entertaining, the highlight (for me) being finally getting to see “Poor Dee Dee” performed. My buddy Taras knows how much I loved the lyrics when he first showed them to me and seeing it played only enhanced it.

I wasn’t able to stay for all of Random Colour’s set as I was pretty much toast by 1130pm (toast as in tired, not as in wasted – sorry, I hate bars and the prices charged for booze) and figured I’d head home and crash as opposed to crash on the way home 🙂

Of course, the main problem I always face after seeing friends playing on-stage came back full force (as expected). I see them play and it makes me want to resurrect my own band, Why Bother.

(why a problem? simple. as a father with 3 kids and a new one on the way, plus working full-time while trying to maintain a new home, running an APA and trying to keep my creative works on the go, there’s just no time to devote to ANYTHING else at the moment. ah, well, c’est la vie…)

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