No Charity

Well, turns out the minor contract I had accepted did not pan out. My client decided that it was too costly. Figures. This was the fourth contract I had with him and during each previous one I had given him a reduced rate, explaining the reasons why I was doing that. At the end of each contract, I informed him that my standard rate would be applicable going forward. Thus, when the estimate was given, it was too much for him. I guess it makes a difference when it’s not something that’s being covered by a third party 🙂

So, instead of working last night, Chantale and I enjoyed a quiet evening after Kyle went to bed. He had been somewhat agitated all day and thus supper time was somewhat of a struggle and bedtime routine was extremely bumpy. In the end, however, after being changed and put into pjs, teeth brushed and back in his room, he was quite upset at the thought of bed. I know that look and having him yelling and trashing about on the floor meant one thing: he was exhausted beyond understanding. So, I cradled him and held him tight against me, slowly rocking him and humming to him while he continued wailing and rubbing his blankie on his face. Chantale joined us and she sat in front of us and stroked his hair while I continued rocking and humming. Pretty soon, he was completely calmed down and snuggled against me.

It reminded me of how much I loved rocking him to sleep at night and just HOW much our routine has had to change in the last few months. No longer do I sit on the rocker with him and sing/ hum while gently rocking him. Nowadays, he sits on the rocking chair and reads to me and when it’s time for the final routine, I pick him up and we look out the window, singing to the moon and stars before finally setting him down in his bed. sigh. They grow up so quickly and I think the reason is that it happens so gradually that you don’t realize it until something triggers the fact that it’s happened… and then you wonder how they grew up so quickly… 🙂

Why can’t I be paid to stay home and raise my children? 🙂

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