James Update 2

Where’s the icon where I’m slapping my forehead? I should create one…

I just got off the phone with James so I figured I’d post an update.

He just came back from seeing the Doc’s who basically confirmed that the infection he’s been fighting in the leg he was operated on (since Jan 15th) needs to be operated on again to remove it. Yes, he’s been pretty much on-and-off anti inflammatory pills since the operation and last week his checkup revealed that his skin was growing “outwards” from the hole. Interesting, hm?

So, anyhow, he’s going back into the hospital on Tuesday night and is being operated on very early Wednesday morning (the 28th – Chantale’s birthday!). He’ll be there for a couple of days and will be released either on the friday or the saturday. either way, he then falls into my care for the week of March break so at least I KNOW he’ll get full care, attention, and rest.

Hm. I just realized something else. Karine, dear, if Samuel decides he’s only coming out next week, well then we’ll already be at the hospital visiting James when you come in! 🙂 (Yup, same place 🙂 )

That’s it for now. Ciao.

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