To be Grateful…

Ack. I’ve been tagged. Tagged, I tell ya! Thanks

RULES: List 10 things you’re grateful for today. Tag ten other people. Or five. Or two. Or nobody. Just get your head out of your problems and think about what’s awesome for 5 minutes!

You could list 10 things every day if you wanted to; this list is just what you think of at this MOMENT. Don’t put too much deep thought into it. “I’d like to thank the Academy…”

1- The early V-Day’s Brunch my wonderful wife took me to this morning.
2- My extremely wonderful wife Chantale
3- My incredible little boy Kyle Ethan
4- The thought of having the energy of a baby girl in our home this year
5- How beautiful my life became after I met Chantale in 99 and how it continues to be beautiful
6- How much our puppy brought to the family
7- Having reached a good understanding of what our current life means with my son James and daughter Melyssa and how they fit into it
8- Having Comicopia as an outlet for my creativity
9- That my parents are still alive
10- I’m actually quite grateful that LiveJournal exists, to be honest.

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