Pondering Life

Some thoughts I ran across today while doing some research. I felt they were worth noting:

  • Stay in training throughout your life in 3 major areas: Physical Activity, Psychological & Intellectual Activity, Social Relationships
  • Do not waste your time. Use your physical and mental abilities to the fullest
  • Breathe well.
  • Exercise and Play Sports
  • Evolve Socially
  • Never cease to learn and grow. Work on a daily basis at keeping your awareness open. Grow in your career. Be optimistic
  • Study and revise if necessary your Core beliefs (what we assume true, carried out through internal dialogue)
  • Be in perfect control of your nerves while interacting with others. Give examples instead of enforcing your will.
  • Eat intelligently.
  • Live the Present fully – not the past or the future.
  • Do not be conditioned with Time Constraints.
  • Do not regret past sacrifices
  • Make and keep close friends
  • Remember what is truly important.
  • To resolve problems, allow the solution to present itself. Trust your abilities to cope with difficult challenges.
  • Be positive (do not criticize) and regard your life as meaningful (hold a positive self image and regard yourself as worthwhile)
  • Make a difference in the world.
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